My name is Nick Carpino and welcome to

I started this page and website because I can safely say that I love what I do. Growing up I had to work hard for everything food, cars, and a place to live. I was always on the outside looking in wondering what the car scene was all about. Rich kids in my high school driving brand new bmw’s and audi’s. I stuck to my roots and joined a club strictly import related. I learned over the next few years a lot about myself and my abilities. I have owned 32 honda (acura) motor company vehicles. I have built from the ground up over 20 vehicles personally and sold them or traded them for a different project. There isn’t anything that I cant do when it come to these vehicles. Fast forward 20 years later. I gave up on cars in my mid and late 20’s and focused on having a family. The whole time I just felt like something was missing. See if you are like me you realize that when something so near and dear to your heart becomes separated you need it. Cars and customization along with the brotherhood of the car scene was such a big part of who I was I couldn’t let it go. I had to figure out how I can do this full or part time and insert it back into my life. For the past 3 years I have been buying and selling honda’s on the side and done pretty well while doing it. I now know that I want to build customized full ground up builds as I enter the next chapter in my life. See designing vehicles to me is an art and the custom work that goes with it is all worth it in the end when I get to reveal the final product to the customer. Building cars specifically imports is not only my favorite things to do it’s a part of my soul. I hope you contact me with any questions and feel free to send me some pics of your build if you so choose.

“We are building together”